6 Tips for Flawless Real Hair Extensions

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Tips for the Perfect Real Hair Extensions

Most of us often wonder how celebrities can just transform their look. It is quite exciting to see the celebrities transreal hair extensions pictureforming their whole appearance. Well, the secret behind the transformation is often  real hair extensions.

When we say real hair extensions, we are referring to extensions made from real human hair not synthetic extensions which are made with synthetic keratin hair fibres.

Now most of us are apprehensive about hair damage, and this is why clip-in hair extensions may be the best option to choose.  If you want your real hair extensions to be perfect, then there are certain tips that can surely help you.

 Follow these tips and get flawlessly beautiful real hair extensions.

  1. Keep the Hair Extensions Sweet and Short

Now most of us do get tempted to get the Rapunzel look, but that may not work out perfectly well. The more practical idea is to have short hair extensions about 16 to 22 inches. The reason is that short hair extensions tend to give a more natural look than those long locks. real hair extensions photo

Real hair extensions should be the same length as your own hair. For example, if you have shoulder length hair then you can choose hair extensions about 16 to 18 inches long. The 20 to 24 inch hair extensions work well for mid length hair.

Now the hair texture matters too when you are getting real hair extensions. For example, if you have fine hair, then you can choose 160 to 180-gram set. For thick hair you will need a 220-gram set and for normal hair 180 to 200-gram set will work fine.

  1. Trimming

Now it is very important that your hair extensions should be trimmed so that they can easily match up with your natural cut. Usually, most hair extensions tend to have a blunt end, so you need to request your stylist for a dry cut. This can help to blend the hair extensions with the natural look.

  1. Perfect Colouringimage of real hair extensions

The good news is that most clip-in real hair extensions do have a base colour that matches with your hair. However, you can always be a bit innovative and add highlights and the low highlights to help in the blending process.

The safer option is to take the hair extensions to the stylist for the highlights. However, before any chemical is applied to the hair, ensure that the extensions are made of real human hair. The reason is that synthetic hair tends to react differently to dyes.

  1. Get Hold of a Curling Iron

Now there are times when you might find it hard to blend your short hair with the extensions. Well, you need not dwell on this issue because there is a good enough solution to this problem.

Take a curling iron and use it to create curls more like the mermaid locks. However, it is important to spray the hair with a heat protection spray because it will help the extensions last longer and protect them from damage.

  1. Washing Your Hair Extensionsphoto of real hair extensions

It often happens that when you buy real hair extensions, they have a glossy look. This means that you cannot just clip-in the extensions to your hair.

The solution is that the hair extensions need to be washed. Ensure that you use a moisturizing shampoo and after that apply a conditioner so that you can get rid of the excess glossy look of the hair extensions. After this procedure, the hair extensions should be allowed to dry overnight.

  1. Choosing the Appropriate Extension Set

You should choose your extension set depending upon the weight of your hair. The most commonly used extension sets have ten wefts. Now if you have thick hair, you might need to use the entire hair extension set, but it may not bereal hair extensions images the case always.

Sometimes the best way to get natural looking hair is to use larger wefts at the base of your hair. It is important that you should be following the natural scalp shape, and the medium length wefts need to be clipped at the base of the head.

You should ensure that the longest wefts are around the head’s widest part. The short wefts should be right by the temple.

How To: Wash & Care For Your Clip In Human Hair Extensions

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