Clip In Hair Extensions

 Why Use Clip in Hair Extensions?

In this modern age of ever changing hair trends, sticking to same hairstyle everyday, is boring. Gone are the days when you need not worry too much about people thinking you have a boring hairdo. These days it is a fashion faux pas if you continue to have the same coiffure day after day. One has to constantly change the styles, flips, partings and coclip ih hair extensions picturelours to look stunning and avant-garde.

This undoubtedly takes a toll on one’s hair and then starts the worry. Though hair problems are not new to ladies and are as old as the human race itself, it still bothers them to a great extent. Be it curly, straight or wavy; short or long; blonde, brunette or brown, each type have problems of their own.

Speaking hair issues, thin hair is a condition that affects a lot of women, irrespective of their hair texture and length.

Our hair is one part of our body that a lot of ladies wish to be a bit fuller. Who doesn’t want hair like those shown on the glamourous models in shampoo commercials? But, not all of us have that luxury because of the lack adequate hair volume on their scalp, added to this is the fear .the fear of hair getting harmed by chemicals.

From girls to the more mature woman, they all long for a bouncy and voluminous hairstyle. Too few can fully achieve it, some refuse to live with this dilemma.

clip in hair extensions photoA number of people resort to wigs. Although wigs are a popular choice, they cannot be encouraged for long use considering their potential damaging effects. Wigs, after a certain period of time may cause infection to scalp due to harmful adhesives, they contain and are they not very comfortable to wear as well.

Sew-in extensions are other options which women seek nowadays for an amazing attention grabbing hairstyle, but they too have their share of problems such as being expensive, uncomfortable and hard to separate from scalp once sewn-in. So, what’s the solution? Clip in hair extensions. 

These extensions are specially designed to provide uncomplicated and economical hair solutions. Unlike Wigs and sew in extensions, clip ins are easy to attach and detach from your own hair with no side-effects at all. It is an instant solution to girls who lack voluminous and luminous hair or those who are looking to easily change up their look.

Easy to use:

Clip in extensions utilise a simple mechanism – strands of hair sticking to a clip at the end. You just have to clip in when you want them and clip out when you are done using them. It is that easy! You do not have to have help, or go though a long, difficult process to apply them. There are many tutorials available online to explain the techniques and methods of using them and if you are still confused, you can visit any hair stylist for advice.

Easy Maintenance:

Clipphotos of clip in hair extensions-ins can be washed and maintained easily. You don’t have to use special products and take utmost care for washing clip-in extension as you have to for sew-in or other alternatives.

Clip-in extensions that are made of natural hair can be washed, conditioned and styled just like your own hair and synthetic extensions can be cleansed with any good gentle shampoo.

Hairstyles of choice:

Forget about those days when you could not emulate your favourite star’s dream hairstyle. With Clip in extensions, you get a myriad of options to try on.

If you desire for singer Lorde’s mysterious look, you can purchase a full weft of those raven curly strands or if you want a classic and elegant look like the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, get a silky long weft of extensions and clip them in.

Any hairstyle is possible with these extensions as they can be curled, straightened or waved with absolute ease. Even a ponytail can be donned without showing off the clips at the hair roots.

Dream Styling:image of clip in hair extensions

Have you always dreamed of colour streaking your hair, But, never tried thinking colouring or dyeing may harm your hair? Well, worry no more! Clip in extensions make it totally possible and easy for you. There are hundreds of  coloured or dyed extensions available in market that you can try any highlight that best suits your personality.

The other fun factor of a Clip in hair extension is you can buy an extension close to your hair colour and dye it with a colour of your choice and use it for any appropriate occasion. You will have a choice of two looks with one hair extension – for highlights when coloured and for natural look when uncoloured.

Thick and Strong Hair:

photos of clip in hair extensionsIf you are someone who suffers from thin hair, then you can get a few wefts of clip in extensions that match your own hair colour and clip them in. Voila, now you have a new you, that has voluminous natural looking hair you always have dreamt of.

Or, if you are just looking to thicken up your natural hairstyle a bit more, you just have to buy a small amount clip-in hair extension, clip them in, and you are done. It is really is that simple!


Sew-in extensions and glue hair extensions can develop serious hair and scalp problems overtime but Clip in hair extensions are gentle and do not hold on to your hair roots too tightpictures of clip in hair extensionsly.

They have no effect on hair and root growth, which is not impeded by the clip ins. Even long term use of these extensions does not result in hair shedding, frizzing, split-ends or allergies like the other alternatives.

Clip in hair extensions are considered the safest and easiest extensions that are available in the hair fashion market today.

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