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The Types of Clip In Human Hair Extensions

When you go to buy some clip in human hair extensions, there will be a number of different options which to consider first, the most fundamental of these regards the material used to make those extensions, with the two basic options being human hair and synthetic hair.

What are the differences between clip in human hair extensions and synthetic extensions?

There are a number of nuances and variables involved here, but in general, the differences between human andclip in human hair extensions image synthetic hair extensions regard the materials used in the manufacture of the extension,  their final appearance, quality, and price.

Clip in human hair extensions use real human hair that has been selected to be the finest for a hair extension. They have a natural look to them that is hard to duplicate, from the way they move to the way they shine. They can be treated like actual hair, including being cut, styled, and washed like you would your own hair.

If properly taken care of, they can last at least one year. This quality comes at a price; they will always cost more than their synthetic counterparts and depending on what you purchase, that price can be hundreds of dollars.

Synthetic hair is made from a synthetic keratin. They do not look as real, and it can be easy to tell the extension from the real hair. Extensions made from synthetic hair do not last as long; most have a lifespan of only a few months.

They cannot be treated like normal hair and cannot be styled. However, they more widely available than clip in human hair extensions and much less expensive. Plus, they do not react to the weather like those made from human hair.

What are the different types of human hair?

There are several different varieties of human hair offered under the umbrella of clip in human hair extensions.

Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically processed and that comes from one single donor.

clip in human hair extensions imageRemy hair is collected from donors in such a way as to preserve the cuticle alignment, which results in a silkier and higher-quality product. Remy hair may also be virgin hair, but that is not always the case. Remy hair can be coloured or permed.

Non-remy hair is the lower quality human hair. It is typically made of fallen hair, like that which is found on the floor of hair salons. This type of hair tends to tangle and knot more easily that remy hair because of the way in which the cuticles are aligned or, rather, how they are not aligned.

How do I handle human hair extensions?

In one word, gently. Try not to pull and tug while brushing and detangling; start at the bottom and, while holding hair at the root, detangle your hair.

It is also a good idea to let your hair dry completely before you take a brush to it to style it.

How To: Wash & Care For Your Clip In Human Hair Extensions

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