Colored Hair Extensions

Finding the best colored hair extensions

When choosing colored hair extensions, it is important to note that if you are looking online, then the colors may varyimage of colored hair extensions quite a lot depending on the device that is being used and the computer screen. The lighting in photos and your computer or home may in a way alter how the colored extension really look.

It is important to ensure that you try and get a perfect match by using the color rings that are most often included. You can order the color ring and then return it after you have decided on the color that you feel is the one that you really want.

It is important to note that even the best photographers may not be able to capture the true color of an extension.

The production of colored hair extensions

The process of producing the extensions is very important. It is important to ensure that the material used to color the colored hair extensions imageextension is eco-friendly.

It is possible to have extensions, custom colored according to the customer’s specifications. There are lots of hair extension companies that allow custom orders so as to create color combinations that are just perfect.

Toning is the crucial thing in the creation of these colored hair extensions. There are different shades that can be used on different extensions so as to come up with the most amazing colored extensions.

Matching the best color for you.

When you want a specific colored hair extension, it is always important to do it right. Whether you are placing  the order online or in a physical store, there are measures that can be taken so as to guarantee that the color you are gettingphoto of colored hair extensions is indeed the color that you actually want.

The best thing is to always utilize the sample weft or the color ring when you are making your choice. In many cases, many of the colored hair extensions are photographed with only the lighting available so the hair may not always be reflected as well in the camera shot.

Matching in person is the best way to get the colors that you really desire. There are companies which go as far as accepting your own photos taken under the sun so they can give recommendations, although it is hard to guarantee an exact match via computer.


In some instances, people want to have a highlight on their hair. You can choose different colors to do this. When you colored hair extensions photo are highlighting, you are basically combining two colors so as to come up with a unique look.

You can use colored hair extensions to get instant highlights, without the hassle, possible damage and cost of getting them down at your favourite hairdressers. If you do not like the highlights you can just remove the extensions, unlike if you had highlights done on your own hair.


You can also go for ombre where you match your hair base to the ombre base that you feel is preferable for you. Ombre hair color means color shading. Usually the shade is darker at the roots and then gradually lightens up as it travels up the hair strands.

image of colored hair extensionsGo with your own preferences. Choice of hair color is all about what you really desire. If you want a natural look, then you can choose hair extensions that are a prefect match of your own hair color.

However, the best thing with hair is that you can play around with colors. Colored hair extensions afford you the opportunity to have any color or shading that you feel most suitable  without the possible damage and risks of normal hair coloring.

Getting the appropriate color is a process that is important in the achievement of the most desirable look, different salons and companies will apply different measurements and terms for the extensions and this can turn out to be rather confusing. There are some tips that can help:

Tip top

The hair extension section that shows under colored hair extensions is one of the most important parts to match picture of colored hair extensions right.  The section from the tip to the middle of the strand can be a little lighter as this is how natural hair is, what with sun bleaching etc. You will note that the root area is usually darker and is usually hidden after an extension has been secured.

You may blend hair at the very bottom so as to achieve the real hair look and it may be hard to tell that you actually have extensions. The rest of the extension can be any color that you want it to be, even though you can also opt for the whole extension to match your hair.


When choosing colored hair extensions, you need to be cautious of the materials used in the manufacture. If you feel the extension isn’t really the color that you wanted it to be, there are some brands that can be easily blended through dying so as get what you want.

images of colored hair extensionsYou can color extensions as you would your own hair. So when adding color to an extension yourself there a few things to be aware of;

Add the color to the extension’s hair strands, do not strip it of color first, This is important, as lightening first, can damage the extension itself. It’s best to never use more than two colors when adding color to extensions.
 Color the hair extensions before installing them. Make a color test on one hair strand first to see what the result will likely be on the rest of the extension.

There are human hair extensions which are easy to curl, blend and color, even though they may be a bit more expensive, they are a good choice when going for a natural look.


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