Synthetic Hair VS Human Hair Extensions

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 Synthetic Hair VS Human Hair Extensions Compared

Women love hair extensions because they can give them a new look every day. This love for hair extensions began as early as the Victorian Era in Britain and today it is hugely endorsed by celebrities and stylists all over the world. human hair extensions photo

Extensions are available in a huge variety of colours, lengths and materials. Hair extensions are the most convenient and quickest way to increase the volume and length of your hair. You can change your look in a couple of hours.

There are synthetic extensions and human hair extensions available in the market today. The human hair extensions are more natural and can be treated in much the same way as you would your natural hair.

The synthetic extensions offer a cheaper option to adding to your tresses. Both differ in a lot of ways and each has its own pros and cons. But which one suits your needs best?

Here our comparisons between these 2 main types of hair extensions.

1. Aesthetics

Human Hair extensions

Since human hair is natural you can get it in shades matching your original hair colour. They feel very soft since they are real human hair. They have all the qualities of real hair like shine, elasticity and bounce. They come in different grades of quality, the top of these is Remy Human Hair. Normally there are 4 types of ethnic hair types are used for making human hair extensions, these include.

  • Chinesehuman hair extensions image

  • Indonesian

  • Indian

  • European or Caucasian

Most of the hair extensions are made from Asian hair. The Chinese hair is comparatively thicker and straighter. Indian hair, is thinner but has a more attractive texture. The European hair is the most popular  owing to its fineness, they are very much in demand in the market, which has made this type of extension the more expensive.

Synthetic Hair extensions

Since these extensions are made from artificial fibres the texture and quality may not be as good as  natural human hair extensions.

human hair extensions pictureThanks to improving technology in the process of making synthetic hair extensions, the quality is increasing and they now available in a large variety of colours. But if you are looking for a good match to your hair colour then it can be difficult to find the exact match colour.

They are a less hassle, cheaper option than real human hair as they can be used straight away, whereas real hair extensions need to be styled to the look you want to achieve. The style of wave or curl is already embedded in the synthetic extension when you get them.

2. Longevity

Human Hair Extensionshuman hair extensions images

With good care and proper maintenance the tape-in real hair extensions can last up to around 6 to 8 weeks. The glue-in types can be used for 4 to 8 weeks. The protein-bonded extensions can last for 6 to 8 weeks. If you are not using them every day the clip-in hair extensions can last for almost a year.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

photo of human hair extensionsSynthetic hair extensions are mostly made of plastic material. So the traditional styling methods such as heating and the use of  other electric hair styling accessories can cause them to become ruined very easily. It will not have the original quality.

 There are some newer types of synthetic extension that can withstand heat styling, these will be labelled as such but most cannot.

Continuous styling will lead to frizzing and tangling of the synthetic hair extension. Because of these issues, synthetic hair extensions do not last as long as real hair extensions.

3. Styling options

Human Hair Extensions

Since these are real human hair you can use the usual hair styling products on them. But make sure that you keep theimage of human hair extensions styling products away from the roots. You need to be a little careful when styling with heat and should be only done with the lower heat settings of the appliance.

Just like how our real hair gets damaged due to excessive heating similarly the real hair extension can also get damaged due to excessive heat styling. You can avoid this by using a thermal treatment before using the heat to minimize the damage.

Do the styling before attaching the extensions to your original hair. But sewn-in and glued-in extensions cannot be taken off for styling.

Synthetic hair extensions

As mentioned earlier synthetic hair extensions are made from a plastic material. And we all know what heat does to plastic. The synthetic fibres will melt or frizz when it is exposed to a lot of heat.

picture of human hair extensionsFor example, you cannot use heated curling irons to curl your synthetic hair. Another disadvantage is that the melted plastic will stick to the styling tools and your natural hair. It will cause a lot of damage and mess.  There are some new synthetic extensions that are designed to be more heat friendly, but most of them are not.

Synthetic hair extensions are suitable for those who are looking for a quick and short term style change. Synthetic extensions are usually available in several styles to suit your fashion demands.

4. Maintenance

Human Hair extensions

You can care for your human hair extensions pretty much the same way you would care for your own hair. You can washhuman hair extensions photos them, but only wash them at most three times a week. Do a deep conditioning on one washing occasion.  Be gentle with them and use mild shampoos and conditioners.

Be careful with the extensions when they are wet. Run your fingers through the extension and it is best to air dry them. Use a brush only after it is dried.

Start detangling from the ends instead of brushing from the roots. Do not tug on or yank it. If you are in a hurry and must blow dry them, use the dryer on its lowest setting.

Synthetic hair extensions

The maintenance for synthetic hair extension is a bit different than above. You can wash them with a mild shampoo or even better one of the shampoos designed especially for synthetic extensions. Wash in lukewarm or cool water.  Rinse out thoroughly with cool water.

photos of human hair extensionsCondition with a detangling conditioner, tangles are the bane of synthetic extensions.  Gently swish the extensions in a basin of cool water with the recommended amount of conditioner. Let them sit in the conditioned water for 10-15 mins. If you are wearing them apply it straight onto the wet hair strands.

Leave the conditioner in the hair do not rinse it all out. If you are not comfortable doing these use a leave in conditioner. If it feels like there is too much conditioner left on the hair strands, spritz it with some water with a spray bottle.

Make sure you air dry them,  Do not blow dry them and never use any other human hair styling accessories on them. You  can use the detangling sprays to prevent the synthetic hair extensions from frizzing.

5. Price

Human Hair extension

The prices for human hair extension differ depending on the quality, quantity and length of the hair. The Virgin Remy hair picutes of human hair extensions is the most expensive, it is of the highest quality. This type of hair does not go through any kind of processing. It can cost plenty of dollars for a weft.

Some heads may require more than one weft. Although this hair is more expensive it will remain in good condition for a much longer period than the stripped hair. The Remy hair can be coloured and styled with heat.

Synthetic hair extension

The Synthetic hair extension is the cheaper option than real hair extensions. But the disadvantage is that it is not as durable and long lasting as human hair extensions and cannot be styled in numerous ways.  They cost from around $50 up to $100.

human hair extensions photosHair extensions are a popular and easy way to change your look without having to dye or cut your own natural hair. As discussed above both types of hair extensions have their own advantages and disadvantages.

To make the most economical purchase decide on the style and type of extension that you like and which suits your lifestyle. This way you will not have to continuously make drastic styling changes. And when there is no constant styling of the extensions the top quality ones can last for almost a year.


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