What are Remy Hair Extensions?

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Remy Hair Extensions.

Finding hair extensions that are of the best quality, look great and suit you, can be quite a task. There are many asremy hair extensions photopects you should take into consideration before deciding which hair extensions to get, and where from, here are a few things you should think about when choosing Remy Hair Extensions.

Know what you will get.

Remy Hair Extensions are made out of high quality, real human hair that has not been exposed to hair damaging elements such as hair dye or hair straightening chemicals. 

Remy has been the choice of high grade hair product manufacturers for many years now, for use in hairpieces, hair extensions and wigs. Remy Human Hair gives the wearer’s hair style a natural, healthy look, shine and bounce. 

Remy Hair is superior to other types of hair used in extensions, in non-Remy hair, the cuticles have been stripped off. This is not the case with Remy Hair, as great effort is made to keep the cuticles intact and facing the same way. They employ several measures to protect and preserve the hair strands.

Conserving the cuticles and matching them with the unidirectional fashion trend, makes this type of extension look remy hair extensions imageextremely natural and genuine. This type of care makes sure the hair extension keeps on being shiny, soft, silky and tangle free for as long as it is being used.

Hair donors take great care of their hair before donating it, and after it is collected the hair is carefully sorted out by professionals. This ensures all the cuticles are the same length and  of the same quality. This precise process takes a great amount of time to complete, thus making this type of hair extension the most expensive and sought after extension in the market.

Once you start to use this type of hair extension, and hear the many compliments you get on how beautiful and healthy your hair looks, you will not want to go back to lesser quality ones.

Other things to think about.

The main difference between  100% human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions is that synthetic hair can be easily damaged, both from exposure to the sun or to other natural elements such as rain and wind.  You need to be very careful when styling with heating products as well.

Synthetic hair will not last as long as real human hair does, it is very difficult to style and can stand out from your real hair; it can be easy for people to tell you are wearing fake hair extensions. remy hair extensions picture

On the other hand, real human hair extensions are much more robust and versatile; you can dye them, curl or straighten them, style them, wash them and apply all your favourite products on the Remy Hair Extensions, just as if it was your own real hair.

Unfortunately, high quality comes at a more expensive price tag, since the difference in price for Remy Hair verses synthetic hair can be very dramatic; the best quality Remy Hair Extensions can cost up to 10 times more than regular synthetic hair does. Remy Hair though can make up for the cost when you take into consideration that they will  last and look better for longer than the lesser quality hair extensions.

However, if you search, there are many brands and hair extension producers that use Remy Hair, so getting to the right price-quality combination for you is merely an internet search away.

Once you decide on how much money you are willing to spend on Remy Hair Extensions, you should check out different suppliers around your area to see what they offer.

What to Look for when making a Purchase.

image of remy hair extensionsCheck to see what kind of attachment application are they using; small and reliable clips, or big uncomfortable ones that will come off easily, tape in, glue in, sew in or fusion technology?

Is the service you are looking at offering quality 100% Remy human hair?

Is the product silky, thick, healthy looking and beautiful looking?

Do they offer other services, like showing you how to wash, wear, style and take care of their particular type of extensions as well?

Will they offer a full refund or exchange your Remy Hair in case that you are not happy with how it looks?

Do they use wax, glue or other products that may need removal products you might not be comfortable with?photo of remy hair extensions

How much time and effort does the hair extensions take to put on and remove?

You should ask all of these questions before choosing where to get your Remy Hair Extensions from, in order to determine if this they are the best choice for you and have the look you are trying to achieve.

Once you look into all this you will find that Remy Hair is of the highest quality and with our info, hopefully you will be happy with your new high quality and stylish hair extensions.


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