What Are Secret Hair Extensions?

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The Advantages of Secret Hair Extensions

Secret hair extensions are one of the latest advancements in the hair beauty industry. The best thing about these secret hair extensions issecret hair extensions image the fact that they are completely invisible and  no one will ever notice that you even have a hair extension on.

The stunning effect they will have on the look of your hair will definitely be noticed. You do not need any clips, glue, tape or sewing. There is no hassle and no damage to your natural hair which is pretty awesome for a hair extension.

What the hair extensions do

These secret extensions enable you to lengthen your hair, so you can have long and gorgeous hair in all styles. This is an amazing thing since the extensions are very easy to wear and the effect is achieved immediately.

The secret behind the patent that makes it revolutionary, is that there is a headband that is totally invisible. You only have to place it just like a normal headband and then pull the hair over it.

This is a hair extension that is very easy to adjust and it fits so well without leaving any ridges or bumps on your head. Youimages of secret hair extensions can get longer, fuller and thicker hair in just a matter of seconds.

In most cases, secret hair extensions are made with the keratin fiber, which is conditioned and it moves, looks and feels like real hair which is pretty appealing.

One of the things that make these extensions such an great choice, is the fact that they come in a wide range of colors that can go so well with your natural hair, in as far as blending is concerned.

What you need to know about secret hair extensions.

secret hair extensions pictureOne of the things that make secret hair extensions so attractive, is the fact that you can wash them very easily. The recommended advice is to wash the hair extensions after they have been worn for a maximum of 7 times. You will however need to brush the extension each and every day.

The other thing that you should know is the fact that you need not use any kind of special shampoo, the mild ones will do just fine.

All you have to do to clean the extensions is to use Lukewarm water and a capful of shampoo. Make sure water and shampoo circulate well. Rinsing properly so as to remove all the soap is also very important.

Leave the extension to dry naturally. Don’t towel it or brush it while still wet. When dry, you should always make sure that it brushed well.

One other great thing about secret hair extensions, is the fact that they can be straightened and curled very easily with the various styling tools. However, you should make sure that the temperatures that you use don’t go beyond 320 degrees. When curled and straightened, the hair remains that way until you choose to curl or straighten again.

However, do not think of coloring the secret hair extensions, as it isn’t recommended. You can use different products for styling and this may be your favourite things about them. The best products are the ones that are water soluble containing very little or zero alcohol content. secret hair extensions photo

If you are wearing the secret hair extensions, you can brush them, but do this gently keeping a hand on the base at all times. Keep your hands off the elastic band.

The other favourable thing about these extensions is the fact that they are long lasting, depending on how often they are worn, and how well they are cared for. Water doesn’t ruin the extensions, but you need to care for it after it is dry.

If you have short hair, you can still use these extensions. Depending on the layering of the hair, you can cut the extension so as to match your own or the desired hair length.

Secret hair extensions can also be used by people who have thinning hair. You can wear more than one at a time making you hair look thicker, and they come with different colours too.

These hair extensions can be chosen carefully so as to go with your own hair color, or the treated hair color as desired. The colors can be multi-faceted and there are various shades that can really work well. They include beige, golden and ash. To get an effect which is highlighted, you should choose a darker shade and a lighter shade to get that ombre look.


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